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VJ Inspire is the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell of Vimal Jyothi Engineering College. VJ Inspire is a ‘not for profit’ installation supported by a mentor network of academicians, industrialists, capitalists, technical specialists and managers established assisting the entrepreneurs from the idea stage to final product. We are providing a series of services to our students including Idea formulation, field survey, Idea validation, experimental modeling, Prototype building, Mentor network, Business and Strategic Planning , Market research and analysis, Sales strategy formation, digital Marketing and promotion, Financial planning, Human resource management, office establishment, tutoring , specialized workshops and training, Patents and IPRs, Legal and taxation issues, Lab facilities etc. All the services under VJ Inspire is free of cost.

Startup Accelerator Incubation Program - Vimal Jyothi Engieering College 2016

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The ultimate aim of imparting professional education is to endow the student′s industry-ready by providing exposure to current industry practices and to secure job in any platform. Thus, it is essential for any reputed Institution to have perpetual interaction with the industries. The IIPC established in VJEC is determined in acquiring the following objectives:

  • To enhance the relationship between the Institute and industry.
  • The college is keen in updating the curriculum of variegated departments as per industrial demands.
  • IIPC reflects in updating knowledge base of professional′s in different emerging sectors through development programmes and interactive sections with industry experts.
  • It enables the students in implementing their theoretical knowledge to practice by executing projects in various industries.
  • The cell facilitates in the process of providing consultancy services to the industries and business organizations by utilizing the expertise of faculty members and students.
  • To provide abetment to industries in areas such as testing the quality of various components as per the industrial standards and in ensuring that they meet the desired specification requirements.
  • It also takes keen interest in encouraging and supporting the students to visit various industries and technical exhibitions, in order to augment and move one step ahead in the existing cordial relationship between industry and institute.
  • To provide internship, industrial training programs for pre-final year students to acquaint them beforehand with the demands of the corporate atmosphere.

Indian industry at present has reached a crucial turning point where it has to face the dynamic demands of the competitive domestic and global markets by providing high quality products and services. A need-based, effective, dynamic, responsive and human education system would be capable of addressing the challenge. The interaction between institute and industry is necessary to train and develop the right kind of man power to sustain industrial growth. VJEC has setup an Industry Institute Partnership Cell for the above purpose under the leadership of an expert team who have rich experience and exposure in both academics and industry.


Portfolio Name Department
Liaison officer Prof. Roshini T V ECE
Coordinator Prof. Jayesh George M ECE
Coordinator Prof. Neethu George CSE
Coordinator Prof. Shijil P ME
Coordinator Prof. Jijo Joseph EEE
Coordinator Prof. Jishad AEI
Coordinator Prof. Sigi Thomas CE
Member Prof. Hanzel H Fernandez CE
Member Prof. Akhil Paulose CSE
Member Prof. Jerin Cyriac ME
Member Prof. Prabin James EEE
Member Prof. Shalet K S AEI
Member Prof. Ann Mathew ECE

As on date the college had the Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with the following Industries:

1.ABE Semiconductor design, Chennai
2.RV College of Engineering , Bengaluru
3.Quest Innovative Solutions, Kochi
4.Here Solutions India Private Ltd
5. Eduvance, Mumbai

All the above mentioned MOU′s are utilized in the following manner:

  • Students make their industrial visits to these companies.
  • Organizing industrial training programmes and Internship.
  • To arrange guest lectures on various relevant technologies.
  • Obtaining sponsored mini and main projects for students.
  • Accomplish research, consultancy and training services.
  • Promoting the possibility of seeking placements in Industries.
  • Upgrading the qualification for the employees in industry.
  • Providing training in testing and servicing lab equipments, system software.
  • Organizing short term courses in enhancing the Engineering Education Program for students.
  • To receive academic and curriculum feedback from industry for updating the syllabus for enabling Industry ready students.
  • To enroll the faculty as members in the Industrial decision making bodies.
  • To create innovative ideas and applications for development of quality products.


  • To sensitize students about the need for life-long learning.
  • To prepare the students to attain ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological changes.
  • To provide opportunities for online learning for any discerning adult learner.
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